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Check in the dark poker oxford university poker society A check in the dark is like a bet in the dark, but with a check. It means to announce prior to a betting round that one will check. The most common uses of this phrase are to check in the dark and to bet in the dark, most often in either Hold 'em or Omaha. Since taking an action in the dark is . To check in the dark is to check before seeing what the next card is dealt on the board.

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Once the first player has acted in the dark, the second player may also choose to act in the dark, at which point the third player may also choose to do so, and so on. When the As a very bad card for you falls on the turn , you kick yourself, because the dark check has caused you to play the hand sub-optimally. March 12th, , Ive seen the pros do this alot!! August 8th, 3:

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